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"Don't leave it all unsaid in the wasteland of your head."



A short presentation of some of my work. I tend to divide it all into categories of material I work with. Click the links to see more.


Would you like to OWN an original work or painting? YES, I work on demand - information is just one CLICK away.

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paint-metal mix-fabric mix-plastic

SO-ART shows some of my creative outings . Paintings , drawings, objects made from fabric or recycling projects in metal or plastic. I am one of those artistic creatures for whom making a choice is a painful process. - I avoid choosing by working with anything I can lay my hands on. I have had no significant art education, I do have a playful soul and an ever-wondering mind. If you like what you see, feel free to share this site.


I am a freelance art teacher. I teach kids aged 7 - 12 to unleash their creativity and live life in true color.

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I'm happy to entertain at a birthday party, or to spend some hours in the hospital, splashing some colour around...


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